For the past 25 years, Evotech has been an

uncontested leader in the custom manufacturing of

paints for doors and windows. Evotech offers standard

or custom-formulated products, wood-finish stains

and consulting services.


Acrythane 3000 is a flexible, two component,

semi-gloss (45°) acrylic-urethane finishing enamel.

It adheres to PVC, pre-painted steel, aluminium and

even fibreglass, and it offers exceptional performance

on all these surfaces. It meets AAMA standard 613-02

and is guaranteed for 10 years.


Evotech has also developed a water-based system

that meets AAMA standard 613-02: Acrythane Aqua

is an isocyanate-free system available in a semi-gloss finish (35°).


Whether you are looking for a standard or

custom-formulated colour, your are sure to find what

you need. Evotech’s experienced team of colourists develops over 40,000 new colours each year for

Acrythane 3000 and Acrythane Aqua.


Thanks to a large database that uses the

X-Rite system, Evotech colourists are able to

develop custom colours in less than a week.


Our formulations are all-purpose and can be used

on any of the various substrates offered by the

industry. Our formulations prevent the transfer of radiant energy that can damage certain substrates

(PVC for example). Acrythane 3000 and Acrythane Aqua provide excellent resistance to abrasion and chemical exposure.


Evotech recently further developed its expertise in

the manufacturing of stains with the Acrythane

Aqua product line. These stains can be used on

PVC and fibreglass to give the appearance of

a wood finish.