Created in 1965, Evotech was formerly the

industrial coatings division of Sico. It quickly gained

a reputation for being a world-class provider by

consistently staying at the cutting edge of innovation. Evotech products are renowned for their excellent

quality, stability and beauty, as exemplified by the

Acrythane trademark, which is now 30 years strong.



Many of Evotech’s employees have over 25 years’

solid experience in the manufacturing of industrial

coatings. They are an integral part of our company’s constant evolution, and their expertise contributes

to the business’ power and responsiveness.



Evotech fosters partnership-based business relations

with its customers, with a focus on developing and maintaining long-term relationships.


Our technical team plays a key role in this by:


• Helping our customers achieve an optimal use

of Evotech industrial products;


• Performing quality-control checks with our

customers, in particular by verifying the application equipment used, to prevent potential problems;


• Carrying out new product trials and

demonstrations in factory or workshop settings;


• Providing support to our customers in their quest for constant improvement. In this way, Evotech customers

can be sure that all information is provided for a

production process free of delays and complications.