In the transportation industry, the benchmark finish systems are the

Acrythane 585 Series and Acrythane 3.5 Transpo, a brand-new series

with a low volatile organic compound (VOC) content.


This industry requires expertise in the analysis of customer needs in addition to

high-level performance and care for the quality of the final colour. Evotech is active in the areas of public and private transportation, in the agricultural industry and in the manufacturing of transportation-adapted instruments.


The Evotech team works closely with its distributors and commercial customers

to ensure that the right product is used for the right task.


Evotech is there to meet all its customers’ needs, whether it is to develop

a water-based primer for vehicle subframes that is resistant to over

2,000 hours of salt fog (523-830) or a primer in the same colour as the refinishing coat (577 Series).


Evotech recently introduced the Acrythane 3.5 Transpo line (595 Series),

a high-tech topcoat that meets new environmental standards. This new product

is an addition to the regular Acrythane Transpo product line (585 Series),

which has contributed to Evotech’s reputation for over 25 years.


With its excellent spreading properties and ease of application whether you

use a pneumatic air-mix system or even an HVLP sprayer Acrythane 3.5 Transpo permanently keeps its gloss and colour. Its hiding power, flexibility and impact resistance make it one of the best-known products in the industry.


Much like its predecessor (585 Series), Acrythane 3.5 Transpo is formulated

according to each customer’s needs. Our database of over 20,000 different

colours allows us to offer rapid service, which in turn allows our customers

to respond to their own customers’ needs.


The topcoat’s long-term performance is strongly determined by the use

of a good epoxy primer. That’s why Evotech offers a complete line of primers

(577 Series). Evotech recently introduced the Evopox line with 2.1 VOC to meet new environmental standards. It is available in a wide range of colours, which

reduces the quantity of finish required for a job.